16 golden rules about eating healthy – Peter Dounov


Peter Deunov (Bulgarian: Петър Дънов) , also known by his spiritual name Beinsa Douno  and often called the Master by his followers, was a Bulgarian philosopher and spiritual teacher who developed a form of Esoteric Christianity. Great Spiritual Master and Teacher, teaching the people to the Universal Ideas and Knowledge of God, Founder of the White Brotherhood in Bulgaria, which is nowadays worldwide…He is widely known in Bulgaria,  Deunov is also featured in Pantev and Gavrilov’s The 100 Most Influential Bulgarians in Our History . According to Petrov, Peter Deunov is “the most published Bulgarian author to this day.”

in the words of Peter Deunov everyone should choose appropriate food for yourself that gives the best results for him. However, there are general conditions that apply to all.

  1. It is healthy to feel pleasure in eating.
  2. Eat the healthiest foods and never overeat.
  3. The more one eats, the less remembered. Stomach working too much and memory burden and weakening.
  4. Have some fruit, pear, for example. Do not begin immediately to eat. Stop, look her think a little about it. Those beings who created the fruit collected solar rays are condensed solar energy in this fruit. You task is to remove this light and bring it into your body.
  5. After the fruit never drink neither cold nor hot water. Before eating you can drink water, but immediately after meals is not allowed.
  6. stop eating when you most enjoyable – in the stomach must have room for at least 20 bites for free to digest.
  7. The power of the food is in the quality rather than the quantity.
  8. Will you dine evening before sunset and morning never eat before risen.
  9. No hurry when eating.
  10. Nice foods are those most easily digested and which remains possibly the smallest surpluses.
  11. The food should always be fresh.
  12. Many food depletes the human body.
  13. Do not eat too hot food, nor too cold.
  14. One must eat on time, but at a certain hour, and when the forces in his organism occur, ie when you feel an inner hunger.
  15. Never eat unwell. You will eat only when you are hungry.
  16. All that is uniformly dangerous. Uniformity in nutrition is also very dangerous.източник: holisticatedblog.wordpress.com


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